What can you find here ?

Sofware Tools
  For now, you can get from this site, Apache or Linux Modules. In particular, this is the official site of EZNag and EZCac software as well as for some Apache modules.
You will also find add-ons for OpenSTA and Big-Brother !

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My Motivation
  As a Freelance IT-Consultant, I use many Open Source Softwares (the list would be too long to be mentioned here !) to achieve my missions.
I also like to realize small pieces of code as proof-of-concepts of my own ideas. It's also a way to understand technologies in depth...
When my software is stable and useful enough, I deploy it by some of my customers, but I'm also proud to make it available to the Open Source Community.

I would like to thank at least Dan Sutcliffe who carries on his shoulders the OpenSTA project.
I *do not thank* the Vigilante Company which did not find judicious to port its Network Audit Tool to the Linux platform. It could have been a serious challenger for "nessus" tool.

What about Netmind ?
  Netmind is an automated service that scans user-defined Web pages for tracking their changes. It then sends digests of the detected modifications.
However, this service has been temporarily deactivated until my site is located somewhere else, where I can make a more extensive use of the CPUs !

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