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The Apache module that will you give measure about your server performance...

25 Apr 08 Free release of version 2.0.1
20 Jan 04 Free release of version 2.0.0
03 Oct 03 Free version 1.6b released. Fixes small bug in the Makefile.
14 Aug 03 a new "Professional (but still free !) Edition" has been released.
It has all the features of the free version but adds and enhances some functionalities.
Click here to consult the Chart which summarizes the differences between Standard and "Professional" Versions
24 Aug 03 Free version 1.6a has been released.
Common features:
  • High-Quality SVG graphs
  • New improved Control Panel
  • Computes average, min and max permformance indicator values
  • Support Database storage
  • Sort statistics according to Server, TCP Port, URL Filter...
  • Collects Response Time, System load indicators and Apache ScoreBoard values
  • Interfaces with Common Apache Logs
  • Handles Server Farm
  • Saves produces charts for later reuse
  • Sends Charts by e-mail
Test the v2.0 version here before downloading it !

Free versionsArchiveMD5 checksum
2.0.1 (Apache 1.x,2.x) mod_benchmark-2.0.1.tar.gz 3c2a00c9c61727d4bb02300b6a01cc19
2.0 (Apache 1.x,2.x) mod_benchmark-2.0.0.tar.gz 3f669e4451562d69fb688605076dbb9d
1.6b (Apache 1.x,2.x) mod_benchmark-1.6b.tar.gz 82a533e634cc01d472a3aa2e73122d76
1.6 (Apache 1.x,2.x) mod_benchmark-1.6.tar.gz 75803b07eb5826e340823b436f99c736
1.5b (Apache 1.x,2.x) mod_benchmark-1.5b.tar.gz ade979564cbf64d29ae897286fa50cb5
1.2 (Apache 1.x,2.x) mod_benchmark-1.2.tar.gz 102273a8304060e852c9eaff7bdd295c

Control Panel Excerpt
(without any graphs):

Synopsis of version 1.x:

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