The Apache module that will protect your scripts against hacker's input !

09 Dec 2006 Version 1.4 has been released
  • Mainly this version is Apache dependent. There is a specific version for Apache 1.x and another one for Aapche 2.x.
10 May 2005 Version 1.3c (bug fix release)
13 May 2004 Version 1.3 has been released.
  • Modifications on the XML Configuration files are now taken in account without restarting the Apache server !
  • Release of a new tool (checkconf) that can be use to validate an XML Configuration File before maing it available for Apache
  • Read the online manual that describes the Apache directives and the configuration file syntax
  • Read the ChangeLog
07 Oct 2003 Version 1.2 has been released.
  • Release of version 0.1 of two Perl scripts that help the Administrator building the XML Configuration files:
    • recursively scans a given URL and builds a Configuration file based on the found <form> and <input> tags. Useful to create a Configuration file from scratch !
    • merges many XML Configuration files into one. Detects inconsistencies. Useful to update the Runtime Configuration File
01 Sep 2003 Version 1.1 has been released.
  • Even if your scripts are coded in a secure way to avoid SQL Injection, buffer overflow and other kind of remote attacks, you may want to add a global front-end protection
  • Based on a XML description of your scripts, their parameters and constraints, mod_parmguard filters and rejects the non-conformant requests
  • The XML configuration file is easy to build. A future helper tool will create templates by scanning the target Web site (see the synopsis below)

Free versionsArchiveMD5 checksum
1.4 (Apache 2.x) mod_parmguard-apache2_1-4.tgz 2a380745b9da917cd884c956a8def8b3
1.4 (Apache 1.x) mod_parmguard-apache1_1-4.tgz b2d2be58f2de8ffa04cf0d4178db389b
1.3 (Apache 1.x,2.x) mod_parmguard-1.3c.tar.gz 08496e902c9be01720adfc576c0bc601
1.2 (Apache 1.x,2.x) mod_parmguard-1.2.tar.gz 8fff32bbb0a469a821550463d9e0713c
1.1 (Apache 1.x,2.x) mod_parmguard-1.1.tar.gz acd828a121d2af2651c83fe908bf5b70
1.0 (Apache 1.x,2.x) mod_parmguard-1.0a.tar.gz a3a9f88e584d0ff350ed69980f15338b


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