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kickgen.plAdministrationLinuxKickstart, Linux
sar2rrd.plPerformancesLinuxsar, RRDTool
OpenSTA Add-onsPerformancesLinux & Windows"n"tiers apps perfs

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  EZNag: all-in-one package to install&configure Nagios  
This package contains all the necessary stuff to install and configure Nagios.
It also adds more functionnalities such as:
- configuration is stored in a SQLite Database
- includes a Web Administration interface that makes sure the configuration files and the Database are always synchronized
- gives the possibility to add images to hosts and services
- adds graphs based on RRDTool (use a modified version of APAN)
- populate the hosts et services list using NMAP
- includes Nagios Checker Plugin for Firefox

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  EZCac: all-in-one package to install&configure Cacti  
This package contains Cacti and many useful plugins (see
The installation script makes it easy to install this software.
Go to EZCac page Perl Script to generate Kickstart Files  
This Perl script analyses the current configuration of a Linux System and generates a functional Kickstart File.

Go to kickgen page Perl Script to generate Graphs from sar output  
This small Perl script analyzes text outputs generated by sar and produces PNG graphs using RRDTool.

It is very convenient to use and makes you able to generate the statistics you want for a given time period.

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  OpenSTA Add-ons  
OpenSTA is a free Tool used to benchmark and stress Web Applications.
It is mainly used through its graphical interface but if you plan to test periodically your Site with batch tools, you may find my command-line software useful.

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